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Here is Chris Packham  talking to BAWC‘s Charlie Moores to raise the profile of Hen Harriers and Hen Harrier Day:

It’s just brilliant stuff:

‘I intend to go on the day (August 10th) and I hope I’ll be able to speak to people there, and thank them for coming, and motivate them to take more action. And to promote [Mark’s] petition

‘The fact is, I think the shooting industry should be slightly worried’

‘The problem with the shooting fraternity is that it hasn’t sorted its own act out’

‘Now they are facing a call, for the first time, to stop a particular sort of shooting. It is audacious’

‘We have run out of patience’

‘We have been robbed of that opportunity [to see Hen Harriers in many parts of the country] by the selfish actions of a minority of the shooting fraternity’

‘I don’t want a gamekeeper to be out of pocket…Please work with us to find an acceptable solution’

BAWC-220-x-220px‘It’s not acceptable. I’ve had enough. I’ve simply had enough’

‘Now we’re gunning for you!’


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  1. Jan says:

    ... I *really* want to go on the 10th but alas! No lift, no lift at all. No easy public transport route either. If anyone just happens to be passing the general Calderdale / Halifax area and finds they have too much car space to justify their journey & could be amazingly kind and give us a lift (petrol money ready for you of course) I'd be Very grateful. I am a good back seat driver. I don't get travel sickness and I don't leave crumbs. I can provide travel sweets. Or mints, if your a mint person. Or I could just, be very quiet. You wouldn't even know I was there. Not in a scary way though....
    Plea failing OK. Well then just to say, best of luck everyone who makes it! Do the Hen Harriers justice.

  2. Richard Ebbs says:

    You didn't quote Chris's comments about yourself Mark but I'm sure you blushed a little! Between you both you have developed a convincing and incontrovertible argument for raptor protection. If Chris's podcast doesn't convince people to sign your petition, nothing will. See you on the 10th.
    Richard and Lyn.

  3. Bushshrike says:

    How does Chris know it's a 'minority'? How did a minority manage to rob us of over 300 pairs of hen harriers in England?

    • Richard Ebbs says:

      I don't think you could have listened to the whole podcast Bushshrike?

      • Bushshrike says:

        Yes I did. "Pitch soiled by a few rotters". "Barrel is being infected by a few bad apples". "Vast majority are not responsible".

        I think the evidence tends to support Terry Pickford's view that "...most of them [gamekeepers] if they put their hands on their hearts would admit they have killed a bird of prey".


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