Oscar Dewhurst – Great Thrush

Great Thrush

Oscar writes: Great Thrush: I took this from just outside my room at Wayqecha Biological Research Station in Peru, just outside Manu National Park. Great Thrushes were one of the most common birds up there and were regularly seen around the buildings. I had been hoping that something would land on this lichen-encrusted branch, so was very pleased to see this on it!
Nikon D300s, Nikon 600mm f4 AFS-II



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2 Replies to “Oscar Dewhurst – Great Thrush”

  1. Wonderful shot. I was just about to make a complete fool of myself by saying "but surely that's a blackbird?" when I noticed the bright yellow legs. I've now found out that the great thrush also bigger - somewhere between the size of a mistle thrush and a jackdaw?

    1. MK - it is very Blackbird-like at first glance though isn't it. i did exactly the same - I'm not ashamed to say. Smart bird - nice shot.


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