Keeping the wolf from the door

Grey wolf.  Photo: via wikimedia commons
Grey wolf. Photo: via wikimedia commons

I’m lucky enough to get the chance to write for money sometimes and that helps to keep the wolf from the door – although I’d quite like to open the door here in east Northants and see a wolf trotting past. That would be quite a shock and a very nice surprise.

Here are three places where you can find more of my writing at the moment, and where you can find lots of other good things to read too.

BBC Wildlife (September issue) has a 6-page beautifully-illustrated article on Passenger Pigeons which may whet your appetite for A Message from Martha.

My Birdwatch column (September issue) discusses some of the implications that would follow if Scotland voted ‘YES’ on 18 September and I review David Cobham’s book (illustrated by Bruce Pearson) The Sparrowhawk’s Lament.

In my ‘every-other-issue’ column in British Wildlife (August issue), I ask where leadership comes from in nature conservation at the moment. Guess what? It could be you!



4 Replies to “Keeping the wolf from the door”

  1. Your article in British Wildlife is very good – well written, concise and to the point – also very thought provoking!

  2. As alluded to on a previous post, the current issue has some excellent pieces.

    Naturally opinionated, Peter Marren’s critique of British Wildlife over the last twenty five years, Flying Kites A View from Wales by James Robertson and Andrew Branson’s paper on the late Derek Ratcliffe make it excellent reading …. A View from the Highlands is next.

    Long may thought provocation continue but therafter some action, around 254 days to go so perhaps some more ‘baiting’ of politicians to get the (protection of, not abuse of the) natural environment higher on their agendas?

  3. We should introduce the wolf as there are enough sheep to eat they are tricky buggers to shoot and make for good sport sod the farmers we need them as deer need controlling!

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