Sunday book review – the Nature Magpie by Daniel Allen


This is a book to keep in the loo and dip into when you have a few moments. Or put in your bag and dip into on your commute to work or in your lunch break.

It’s not a story – it’s a well-chosen miscellany of nature facts, stories and history. I liked it.

It would make a good Christmas present!

The Nature Magpie by Daniel Allen is published by Icon Books.


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1 Reply to “Sunday book review – the Nature Magpie by Daniel Allen”

  1. Perhaps there should be a variation on badgers to bust the myths and expose more scandolous Defra cock ups? See Miles King's excellent asessment of Defra's lastest gaff .... Ms Truss continues to underpin decision on flawed statistics, wonder who she'll blame .... after all we all now know that badgers move goal posts, or was it the "green blobs" (I really must get one of those t-shirts printed to go with the Malta & HH variations).


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