Selfridges will not stock Red Grouse this year.

turn-your-back-on-grouse-logo-webSelfridges have confirmed to their customers that they will not stock Red Grouse in their Food Hall.  Good for them!  Looks like I’ll have to get out my credit card.

This was in response to an excellent letter from a reader of this blog which quoted from the Ethical Consumer report ‘Turn your back on grouse‘ thus:

‘Grouse are shot with lead ammunition. Previous studies have shown that a proportion of red grouse sold for human consumption in supermarkets and game dealers have far higher lead levels than would be legal for human consumption if the meat were beef, pork, chicken etc. Game meat has escaped proper regulation. The FSA recommend pregnant women and children, particularly but not exclusively, should pay attention to their lead intake. There is also an issue about the drugs Flubendazole and Fenbendazole (banned for human consumption) which are used in medicated grit given to grouse against Strongyle worm infection. It is possible that some estates are direct dosing the medication as well, which is illegal under the Wildlife and Countryside Act. We have been told that the

Photo: Tim Melling
Photo: Tim Melling

effective farming of grouse goes on on high intensity moors, though gamekeepers would not admit it. There is currently no routine Veterinary Medicines Directive (VMD) testing of grouse prior to entry into the food chain.’

That was quick.

Well done to Selfridges! And well done to the reader of this blog who used the information from this blog and their own wit and intuition to gain this quick win for consumer action.

And, by the way, the next major milestone for our e-petition (18,000 signatures) is fewer than 100 signatures away. Please sign here and then get a friend to do the same, please.


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4 Replies to “Selfridges will not stock Red Grouse this year.”

  1. This is very encouraging. Grouse is tainted as a product in the shops and restaurants and the wider this message goes the better.

    Next to work on the finance houses and their staff who support the estates and moors and participate in and perpetuate the ‘sport’. Getting across the message to investors that the businesses in which they entrust their funds are tainted by association, with a corrupt sport that relies on illegal activity to survive would be a very worthwhile next step. How do we set about doing that? Questions about investments and investment managers at shareholders meetings?

  2. Well done Mark and anon reader of your blog,you certainly put your money where your mouth is.Your persistence on behalf of Hen Harriers deserves lots of praise,

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