Guest Blog – Wishing you a Harry Christmas by Findlay Wilde

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By the time you read this there will probably be just over a month left until Christmas. That’s not long. And it might not be long until Hen Harriers are extinct in England. So if you are thinking about Christmas shopping, you might think about one of these special Hen Harrier Christmas cards.

Now you might be wondering what a 6ft model Hen Harrier is doing on a Christmas card. Well I think Christmas is a time for hope and I have a lot of hope for our Hen Harriers and feel that a change is definitely in the air.

An argument has been going on for a long time now about how to deal with the illegal persecution of Hen Harriers and other birds of prey month after month, year after year. And that quite simply is the reason for the “Wishing You A Harry Christmas” cards. It is my way of trying to reach more people with the unacceptable Hen Harrier story.

By having this card sent out far and wide, it increases public awareness towards the illegal persecution. Many people don’t even know what is happening and they are the people I want to reach and make aware of how bad the situation actually is.

And I hope in the future that all our joint efforts and different angles on what’s going on will put a stop to illegal persecution. Harry’s journey is my way of helping. I have said before that I don’t understand all the politics, but I do know that just 4 pairs of breeding Hen Harriers in England is wrong, so wrong.

The cards are left blank inside so you can write your very own Hen Harrier message when you send the card to a friend, family, MPs or land owners.

The money raised from the Christmas cards is going to RSPB Skydancers. The cards are £1.00 each and £0.50 postage (postage is 50p in total if you buy 1 or 100 cards, I hope you buy 100). If you would like some cards, you can pay by my Just Giving page  or you can buy them from Ebay.

So thank you for reading. Keep trying, keep hoping and keep talking to everyone you know (and even people you don’t know) about our wonderful Sky Dancers. And most importantly don’t lose heart and don’t let the fight for our birds and wildlife start to fade and drift away.

Findlay Wilde is the first person to have three Guest Blogs here – Is the Future in Safe Hands? and Guests at Nature’s Table.

Here he is at Hen Harrier Day in the Peak District (with Chris Packham and 570 others).

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11 Replies to “Guest Blog – Wishing you a Harry Christmas by Findlay Wilde”

  1. Well what sad so an’so disliked this! not from the shooting industry are you?
    When ever I see or read something young Findlay has done or written it lifts my spirits, the future is not entirely lost if there are youngsters out there who like Findlay not only care but are doing something about it.
    Keep doing what you are doing Findlay.
    On the down side I cannot find on the giving page how to buy the cards and I do want some.

    1. Hello Paul, thank you for your really kind comments. I will get your email address from Mark and email you about getting the cards straight from me if that is okay.

    1. Perhaps a whole flock might wing their way to a certain residency or two? 😉

      Might the reverse have a reference to the relevant page in Mark’s excellent book “Fighting for Birds”?

  2. What a great idea, you’re doing a wonderful job Findlay…more power to you, I’m sure you’ll get there in the end?

  3. Well done Findlay I have ordered some from EBay 🙂 good luck with all you do .
    And just who are the people that click dislike – can you tell Mark ?

    1. Valerie – I have no idea who clicks, nor who clicks what, nor who clicks which way. Your clicks are all your own responsibilities and are your own secrets.

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