Saturday cartoon by Ralph Underhill




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6 Replies to “Saturday cartoon by Ralph Underhill”

    1. ... then we would need another project to find compelling evidence for how life was brought to comets, and how ... ad infinitum.

  1. Here's a small thing that could be done

  2. Sadly, saving money on a science budget doesn't mean it ends up in a conservation budget. We could have both if we delete the Bankers' budget

    1. & halve the Westminster village bunch on welfare? OK there are some good MPs but 650 + 850 in the Lords, is it justified? Maybe it is to the political parties, but if one researches the contributions made by recipents then I suspect few achieve such 'elevated' status on meritocracy?

      How about a 'Conservation Party' to take on the reform of the putrid two and a half party system we currently suffer, which masquerades as an elected democracy? Yes, it's all subjective I know & other countries would love to have our system I'm sure, but apathy & anger seem to be the motives at the moment?

  3. "Well being ... not economic growth"

    Here's another diversion for a wet Sunday morning - could also have gone in the "We're all farmers now" blog: search "tregurra waitrose hypocrite" via google. It really is appalling!


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