6 Replies to “Saturday cartoon by Ralph Underhill”

    1. … then we would need another project to find compelling evidence for how life was brought to comets, and how … ad infinitum.

  1. Sadly, saving money on a science budget doesn’t mean it ends up in a conservation budget. We could have both if we delete the Bankers’ budget

    1. & halve the Westminster village bunch on welfare? OK there are some good MPs but 650 + 850 in the Lords, is it justified? Maybe it is to the political parties, but if one researches the contributions made by recipents then I suspect few achieve such ‘elevated’ status on meritocracy?

      How about a ‘Conservation Party’ to take on the reform of the putrid two and a half party system we currently suffer, which masquerades as an elected democracy? Yes, it’s all subjective I know & other countries would love to have our system I’m sure, but apathy & anger seem to be the motives at the moment?

  2. “Well being … not economic growth”

    Here’s another diversion for a wet Sunday morning – could also have gone in the “We’re all farmers now” blog: search “tregurra waitrose hypocrite” via google. It really is appalling!

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