Round up

Here are some things that caught my eye:

  • Wild Travel magazine has folded – speaking as a subscriber and former columnist I’m sorry about that
  • should the GB be GB’s national bird? Telegraph letters
  • snares around stink-pit on Peak District grouse moor catch pet dog -Buxton Advertiser
  • the Big Give is matching your donation to a range of charities for a while longer. Several good conservation projects are already completely funded through this measure but others are still looking for a bit more cash please eg Plantlife, Wildlife Trusts
  • this blog gets a mention from James Delingpole – he seems to think that I still work for the RSPB and he seems to think that a Guest Blog here about neonicotinoids was wrong in some way. Oh well. He should have mentioned this Guest Blog too which was even more relevant to what he was writing about but hardly fits with his view.
  • November was the 5th most popular month on this blog ever, in terms of ‘unique visitors’ (over 15000) and the 4th busiest ever in terms of page views (over 75000) and some time fairly recently this site passed 1,000,000 page-views in its 44-month lifetime.
  • I see You Forgot the Facts (is that what it’s called?) hasn’t yet managed to get 100 of the 40,000+ farmers in the UK to sign up to their letter. Maybe Beefy has retired hurt. I’m told another big-hitter may be wheeled out tomorrow.
  • Plantlife‘s magazine came through the door today. It’s the 25th anniversary issue and it looks superb. Best ever, I think.
  • do this quick survey that appeared here this morning, please – your views and feedback are interesting and useful




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