An end of year survey

Question_mark_alternate.svgWhat do you think of wildlife NGOs, political parties, this website and a few other things?

Just a dozen easy questions – and it is anonymous.

Click here to take part.

Poll will close late December, results here early January.



3 Replies to “An end of year survey”

  1. Completed. I didn’t realise I owned so many bird books! Books solely on birds and excluding journals and annual reports.

    Looking forward to 2015 and 365 more blogs!


  2. Completed. Shame that Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust wasn’t on there. A charity with over 80 reserves supporting some of the rarest animals and plants in the UK. A focus on herpetofauna but with partnerships with many other NGO’s providing massive benefits to wildlife conservation. Their are the same size as a wildlife trust if not bigger yet do not get the recognition that they deserve.

    I would say that they had a good year in 2014. Working all over the UK. Please add them to your survey please!!!

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