The Monro challenge

Dear ‘Monro’

You arrived on this blog in mid-October and I have let you post over 100 comments here since that time – more than any other commenter.  All your comments are on grouse shooting and Hen Harriers.  You are becoming highly repetitive and slightly irritating.  By the way, your comments have elicited about 872 ‘dislikes’ and only 247 ‘likes’ – a uniquely ‘thumbs-down’ reception here (and of course, if you regularly ‘like’ your own comments then the figures are even more stark).

Being a wishy-washy liberal myself, I struggle to know how to deal with you. I believe that you should have your say but feel you ought to be better behaved when you say it.  For example, perhaps you ought to pay some attention to those comments that disagree with you and provide the evidence why.

So here is the deal; write a Guest Blog here. You can even write it anonymously (I can only guess why you might want to be anonymous), and then you will always be able to refer to your own priceless prose in your future comments.

You can have up to 2000 words which, although I haven’t checked, I think would make it the longest Guest Blog on this site ever.  It would be nice if you told us who you are, and sent me a photo of yourself to go with your Guest Blog, but I’ll be generous and let you off that.

I will intend to publish your Guest Blog but cannot promise until I see it. As I say to all potential Guest Bloggers, you should not be libellous and avoid being rude.

Let me know whether you will take up the challenge.




15 Replies to “The Monro challenge”

  1. Perhaps he’s really ‘bully beef’ or howzatt?

    You know, one of those species who ‘forgot the facts’ so writes fiction instead?

  2. and a single Dislike – maybe it’s Monro?
    I would say that anyone with a valid arguement simply has to use their own name if they ever intend others to take them seriously. Maybe Monro is simply just shy?

  3. I’m sure I’m not the only reader of this blog who strongly suspects that ‘Monro’ is a rather skilful work of fictitious parody. His tendentious ‘Bonneresque’ style of argument is far too textbook to be real, surely?

  4. The Sage of Ottle could be right – or wrong. I have a sneaking suspicion that Monro is real and that we might see more of him.

    As for anon- or pseudo- nymity as opposed to real names: if you address the argument, and not the man, the name is irrelevant.

    1. filbert – indeed – ‘if’ and only ‘if’. But if you avoid the facts, don’t respond to others, bend the truth, and keep peddling misinformation – then it makes sense to make sure that no-one knows who you are.

  5. I think he’s real – I came across the same sort of thing over deer hunting. People – and organisations like RSPB – get very worried by this sort of comment but mark is definitely doing the right thing opening the discussion to Monro to put his point. As politicians (and we have some particularly arrogant ones at the moment) have failed to recognise over the generations is that the electorate is far sharper than they give them credit for – and how many seats (and arguments !) have been lost as a result !

  6. So sorry to be so late on parade.

    I have been censored so often, I’m afraid that I had just given up posting, reading the blog.

    Very kind of you.

    The idea that I like my own comments is brilliant. I had no idea it was possible.

    Four to one dislikes to likes is a balance to dream of, on a blog like this; a splendid accolade to 247 of your readers; particular thanks to Bimbling for his sense of humour, generosity of spirit, and to Filbert Cobb, Roderick Leslie, above.

    Nevertheless, with that invaluable tip, I expect to be a great deal more popular in future. Thank you again.

    I am no writer, as you will have spotted.

    Monro is an anagram for moron because my intention, mainly, is to be devil’s advocate.

    You already know my name, have corresponded with me, using my email address.

    I will certainly give some thought to your kind offer.

    Meanwhile, all compliments of the season to you and your readers.

    1. Monro – you haven’t been censored ‘so often’ – you have tried to repeat yourself so often.

      You didn’t know you could like your comments? Really?

      I don’t know your name, I know your email address. It’s the lack of attention to details of the truth that will always (maybe often rather than always) find you out.

        1. Monro – except, you haven’t stopped reading it…Obviously!

          What you may have done is to run out of arguments. Let’s see that Guest Blog and whether you can string a convincing case together.

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