clarksonThank you to everyone who has told me that my name was mentioned on QI at the weekend – and so it was!

I quite like QI, and find myself watching it on Dave when there really doesn’t seem to be anything else on TV.

Here is the link to the programme and I recommend a quick look at it at 14min 46seconds not to hear my name mentioned (and since I haven’t worked for the RSPB for over three and a half years it is a bit out of date Stephen!) but to see the expression on Jeremy Clarkson’s face when the RSPB is mentioned.

Priceless or what?!  And he has claimed, at various times, to be an RSPB member.

And Stephen Fry, @stephenfry, should certainly sign and RT our e-petition to ban driven grouse shooting as a penance for being out of date with my employer. And that might keep that expression on Clarkson’s face (@JeremyClarkson).



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3 Replies to “QI”

  1. It might not be a reaction to the RSPB- he was thrilled to see the condor after all, but to the fact that he didn't remember your name.

  2. I watched the two top gear programmes in Botswana and Patagonia and was basically horrified. Cars were smashed up (including the windscreen glass) in the middle of a Namibian desert to make them lighter, There was so much glorification of yobbish behaviour and environmental vandalism in these two programmes that I considered complaining to the BBC about it, but what would be the point of this. The fact that they nearly caused another Argentinian war and the public reaction that they received is probably what the program makers aimed to achieve in the first place.


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