A lead-free future

By Lord Mountbatten (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
By Lord Mountbatten (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
If you know anything about the evidence for harm from lead ammunition, and know anything about how many other countries have switched to non-toxic ammunition, then it is difficult to imagine how the ‘Lead Ammunition Group‘ could possibly do anything other than opt for a lead-free future.

Parts of a single email released under FoI and published on the Shootinguk website seem to indicate that the Chair of the Lead Ammunition Group, the ex-Chief Exec of BASC, John Swift, is moving in that direction. Gosh! Quel surprise!

Here is the relevant excerpt:

As you will know I am currently preparing for a restricted LAG meeting at FSA on Thursday which […] is attending. My objective there is to see whether and to what extent a consensus/common position might be achievable. Whatever emerges it remains my intention to complete […] report, which is now well advanced without further delay. I reckon that I have seen everything that needs to be seen, and listened to everything that needs to be heard — that on top of 40+ years of steering various groups around the lead minefields.

“If I had to give you the heads-up, it would be along the lines that the LAG process will point with complete certainty to the toxic nature of lead ammunition, qualified with equal certainty that precise effects and their extent can only be predicted with uncertainty. The conclusion to be drawn on all the evidence that I have so far seen is that lead ammunition is harmful for both wildlife and human health — it is not just a matter for wildfowl — and moreover that the alternatives are safe, effective and available at comparable cost.

And remember, that despite intense lobbying by shooting interests, the UK signed up to a ban of lead ammunition in Quito last year.

Current Defra ministers are pretty hopeless, but they would gain some credibility if they published and accepted the report from LAG before the general election. Otherwise they are leaving an ‘easy win’ to their successors

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  1. Extremely interesting. The dealings I had with John Swift over the years suggested whilst firmly pro shooting he had a greater grasp of Realpolitik than most in the sector. He deserves credit for taking a lead which will no doubt be unpopular with many in the sector.

  2. I agree entirely with Roderick about John Swift. Unfortunately the “Shooting Lobby” also encompasses folk like Adrian Blackmore from the Countryside Areliars who has just praised the Norwegians for withdrawing the ban on lead shot.
    I wonder if the idiocy is caused by too much lead shot game in the diet?

  3. No ban. Flawed evidence presented by lead anti group. All you are left with are wisecracks about lead in shooters diets, implying we are wrong because lead ingestion has made us so stupid as to not to agree with your opinion, which is all it is. It has not been backed up with any sound scientific evidence.

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