Round up

A few things:

  • pole traps were banned over a century ago but…click here
  • feeling wild?
  • I’ll give you the result of this little (just for fun) quiz, tomorrow at 12:05
  • have been going through the copy-edits of Behind the Binoculars this week – despite what it says on the publisher’s website, it should be out in early June.
  • the Blackcaps in my garden seem less rampant these days than those in NZ
  • men in suits have been seen in Fineshade Wood – the men from Forest Holidays taking one last regretful look? or planning their comeback?
  • this looks an excellent event – I’ve booked my ticket
  • I said a whole ago that the G(W)CT seem very quiet about lead – they are very quiet about it but I have been pointed in the direction of this on their website which doesn’t say much. In fact it avoids saying anything.
  • #HaveYouSeenHenry
  • e-petition to ban driven grouse shooting stands at 20,837 – slow progress these days, but always progress.
  • an excellent blog by Roy Dennis
  • brood management of Hen Harriers is a distraction – Jim Dixon in The Times (careful Jim, remember what happened to Simon Barnes)
  • I hope Philip Merricks isn’t ill – he seems to have gone very quiet…maybe he is distracted…
  • check the sparrows in your garden (if you have sparrows, and a garden) for Reed Buntings – I’ve seen a few recently and the females are easy to overlook
  • you should make sure that Raptor Persecution Scotland is one of your favourites – straight talking, well-informed and right-thinking.
  • an example of politicians acting like statesmen (they are all men)
  • this is an interesting initiative – I’ll be voting for my excellent local Labour MP in the marginal constituency of Corby, but I hope the Greens do well everywhere else!
  • David Lindo entertained us all at the mid-Nene RSPB group yesterday evening. All those owls! Looking forward to the final round of voting for our national bird starting in March.
  • and these are links to obituaries of Oliver Rackham – Independent, Guardian
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4 Replies to “Round up”

  1. Mark

    You’ll be interested in this website – – as you clearly believe in baseless conspiracy theories more than reality. Your ‘warning’ perpetuates a myth. I have written on HH three times for The Times and on each occasion made clear my opposition to persecution. There is no ‘Times agenda’ on this that I need to ‘be careful’ of.


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