Inglorious: conflict in the uplands will be available for Hen Harrier Day (9 August), the Inglorious 12th and thereafter.

Published by Bloomsbury in late July – but you can order it now on World Book Day.




7 Replies to “Inglorious”

  1. Just pre-ordered, along with a copy of A Message From Martha, looking forward to reading them both. If I bring to Hen Harrier Day will you sign them for me Mark?

    1. Massive congratulations thus far with the issue, epetition, HH Day etc.

      Look forward to the ‘Inglorious’ (book) and in the interim looking forward to 21 March!

      Just a shame about the RSPB & Wildlife Trusts et. al. public stance?

  2. In celebration of World Book Day, I am spending today dressed as a passenger pigeon.

  3. Well done Mark-look forward to galling we cannot enjoy fully enjoy

    glorious July weather,knowing august 12 barbaric behaviour fast approaching

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