Henry chills out with an ice cream

imageEven an eligible young male Hen Harrier like Henry, on the look out for a mate, needs to chill out now and again.

Here I buy Henry an ice cream.

We sat on a stone wall in the Goyt Valley and had a chat. Henry thanked everyone for signing the e-petition to ban driven grouse shooting – all 22,400 of us. Henry hopes that the e-petition makes politicians think about the field sport that is responsible for the fear he feels as he travels the country, and the difficulty he is having in finding a mate and a safe place to settle down.

Henry asked whether there might be another e-petition after the general election. Good question Henry, good question.


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  1. Mark – can I ask the question again about the NT comments on their Peak estate ? They seemed to suggest that HH had nested in 2014, and as I said, if this was the case I think we’d all have expected something a bit more than a very well hidden posting that I failed even to find on my own. What is the truth ? No doubt having actually been in the Goyt Valley you will know.

    1. I was told that 3 of the offspring died due to disease of some sort, and that the other 2 were predated. It would be interesting to have this confirmed.
      I was also told, on good authority, that the tenant was cock-a-hoop as apparently the lack of success proved a point – although I wasn’t sure if this a reference to the first 3 or all 5.

      1. Ok so that confirms that three died, but what of the other two harriers post 12th Sept?

        Can anyone confirm what happened to them? I presume that they were satellite tagged?

  2. Henry and Avery in the same shot! Unless this is photoshopped my theory is disproven 🙁

  3. Surely this picture has to have a caption competition.

    “Henry grousing about the limited selection of flavours”?

    1. Questions raised about appropriateness of diversionary feeding methods.

  4. I have just received a flyer in British Birds mag inviting me to join HOT. Packo is featured in the leaflet, wonder if he knows? They will get it back with my reason for not joining what I previously thought a worthwhile organisation.
    Any update on HOT’s position re brood management?

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