Henry goes birding


Thurs 9th April - Copy

Anything about Henry?






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4 Replies to “Henry goes birding”

  1. More like -As any one seen Annie
    Langholm 2015 season – Concerns for Annie one of last years born Hen Harrier chicks reported missing.

    1. Dennis – have you seen Hen Harriers at Arne? I don’t think I have – can’t remember anyway.

  2. Mark,no we have not seen them at Arne but occasionally there are winter reports of them.
    In general I think in England they are a rare bird as you well know,how unfortunate as the male Hen Harrier must be one of the best birds to see.
    On visits to Mull we see them and sometimes what is obviously a family I would guess of them in autumn.
    What I find interesting personally is that about 4 years ago on Mull a farmer found a injured WTE and got Dave to get it to Scottish RSPCA and this year probably another farmer found injured Golden Eagle and did the same with good result in both cases.
    Think it is refreshing to know that this happens when there are lots of instances of farmers not happy with Eagles and also plenty of cases of persecution of BOP.

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