2 Replies to “Henry in the Dales”

  1. Hi Henry,
    I share your sorrow, you were at the bottom of Steelhouse Gill a wonderful place with Ring Ousels, Whinchats, Stonechats, Dippers, Willow Warblers, its the highest place I know with Nuthatches, great place if you are not a harrier. For harriers it is a death trap, lots of harrier nest attempts 1994-2007 with only 3 successes. Most failed when the adults “disappeared” when displaying, nest building or incubating. Not a great estate for other raptors lots of birds seen since the early nineties with “Malta moult”. Peregrines have never reared young on the traditional site since they returned in 1981, the two Goshawk territories are now vacant, buzzard nests have miraculously disappeared, kites have died of poisoning, one hell of an unhealthy place to be if you are a predator.

  2. Hi Henry,
    you were at the bottom Of a place I know well , Steelhouse Gill, Betty died where the sandy path disappears towards the horizon. Its actually a wonderful place for ring ousels, whinchats, stonechats, willow warblers, dippers, redstarts and its the highest place I know for Nuthatches. However if you are a harrier its a death trap, lots of nesting attempts 1994-2007 most failed when the adults disappeared when displaying nest building or incubating. Raptor generally fair very poorly, peregrines have never reared young since they reoccupied the traditional site in 1981, the two pairs of goshawks have gone, there have been lots of records of raptors with “Malta moult” even buzzard nests have miraculously disappeared mid season. Glad you got out alive Henry!

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