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  1. Robin Page: “The truth is there is an obsession in conservation circles with increasing the number of these ‘avian predators’ – or, to put it bluntly, birds that kill other creatures”.

    I suppose then that he thinks we should be culling tits, warblers, thrushes, chats, pipits, waders, many ducks, herons, all sea-birds, kingfishers, owls, etc, all of which make their living to a greater or lesser extent by killing other creatures. It’s nauseating the way he portrays his ecological illiteracy as ‘country wisdom’. I don’t imagine you will have much success in denting his ignorance but hopefully the audience will be open to reason and sense. Good luck.

  2. Urrmmm … Tricky.

    Details all look right, it was the Daily Mail, it was Robin Page. Only leaves three possibilities. Are you looking forward to it?

  3. “Rational discussion with Robin Page” sounds like an oxymoron to me, but have fun……

  4. Shocked that he’s not in the Top 50 Wildlife Power List. Just shocked 🙂

  5. Try signposting to him to the product supplied by your new sponsor in the U.S. It might make him less angry with the world. Who knows he might undergo some sort of Damascene conversion – imagine him alongside yourself and CP making a rallying cry on Hen Harrier day..

  6. I don’t think these guys are as inept as they make out. This is just deliberate, manipulative journalism aiming at the bigoted newspaper readers who he knows from experiance will believe what he writes in many cases. And there are many like him who do this to fight and win elections too!

  7. Be careful out there! The World is full of Islamic terrorists and paedophiles. Everything else gives you cancer. Now you can’t go into the safety of your garden for fear of being eaten by a rabid kestrel!

    1. But at least we can distract ourselves from these evils by keeping up to date on which actress has gained/lost weight and which Big Brother contestant is stepping out with which footballer, thanks to the DM’s tireless, crusading journalists.

  8. Can’t wait to see some of the dialogue. No doubt you’ll keep us posted Mark. Go rip him to shreds like a Kite on a Labrador.

  9. To my mind there is a good chance none of the three debaters try and have any common ground and there should be at least some,so to my mind if the three cannot find any common ground they are all extremists.

  10. I hope you have a ticket for Carrow Road at lunchtime. You can then tell Mr Page how the Canaries feasted voraciously on the Tractor Boys.

  11. Please ask him why he uses poison on his farm when he has Barn owls present! Over 80% of Barn owls now carry rodenticides in their body which causes death during starvation. Also why a farmer would want to kill Buzzards when £200 million worth of damage is done to crops every year by rabbits – main prey of the Buzzard!

  12. As I live near the erstwhile Mr Page I love wearing my hen harrier day T-shirt if I think I’m likely to have to spend time in his company. Sorry I cant be there, but I think it would be possible to cringe to death!
    His piece has triggered a 2-day discussion thread taking it apart on cambirds, our county bird forum!

  13. I see you are speaking at Norwich Cathedral. Tell Robin Page to look upwards and admire the Peregrines nesting there with three young this year

    1. “look upwards”

      Might also see Dame Julian. “All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thynge shall be well”

  14. One could possibly criticise the use of a hyphen between ‘well’ and ‘argued’; however that is more of a question of style than grammar.

  15. Please, please tell us the debate will be recorded, priceless! Re Jonathon’s initial comments about ‘country wisdom’ couldn’t agree more, it was country wisdom that once said swallows spend the winter at the bottom of ponds and that barnacle geese came from…barnacles.

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