That pigeon plague


I hadn’t realised there are so many pigeons pecking away at the heather in our National Parks.

Above is a Fairbang gas gun set up in the Peak District – is it really fair to have gas guns banging away in our National Parks?  Is this what National Parks are for?

I gather you can also find these gas guns banging away in the middle of woods – surely their impacts on native wildlife far outweigh their pest-scaring benefits when used in that way?

Any other records of gas guns in strange places? With photos?

And here is one from a grouse moor, I am told, in the Scottish Borders. Those pigeons get everywhere, don’t they?

Photo: Pete Clark
Photo: Pete Clark





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  1. I can’t help wondering what Natural England’s view of these is… especially during the bird nesting season? Doesn’t make sense to me. Are they on SSSI land?

  2. Don’t hold your breath waiting for any response from Natural England. They are as much use as a one legged man in an arse kicking contest.

  3. Yep, Leadhills.

    Perhaps its because I’m not a true countryman that I don’t understand. But I can’t help but think that they’ve lost the plot!

    Is it some genuine means to improve grouse productivity or a nefarious and on the fringe of legality way of preventing raptors settling?

    I’d have thought, for it to be at all legal i.e. not disturbing nesting birds (of any species) then they would need to be set up before any prospecting takes place. If they were effective, then presumably grouse would be impacted too.

    And if, say hen harriers are prospecting on the moor, then even before they nest, they are protected from ‘harassment’ being on Sch 1A of WCA (as often amended) – so definitely illegal in that circumstance.

    Seems a good reason to get those early prospecting birds reported through Heads up for Harriers or the hen harrier hotline, or skydancer.

  4. So..when is someone going to attempt a prosecution over this?….dont all rush…

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