Behind the Binoculars – a winner

9781784270506Behind the Binoculars is published today!




The winning entry in the competition for a signed copy of Behind the Binoculars was Stuart Benn – the very first entry.

He (only) got seven out of 20 correct.

These were the quotes he successfully identified, the others are, kind of obviously, in the book:

3 Ruth Miller ‘My favourite bird group would be the Ramphastidae family of toucans, araçaris and toucanets’
4 Mark Avery ‘I’m less shy now
7 Chris Packham ‘I’d also like to meet Audrey Hepburn. To meet her would be as good as seeing a male Bullfinch being eaten by a male Sparrowhawk
8 Phil Hollom ‘I clearly remember being lifted up at the age of four to peer into the nest of a Song Thrush
10 Lee Evans ‘I was resident DJ at Cinderella Rockafella’s in Dunstable town centre from 1978 through to 1982
15 Mike Clarke ‘Nature desperately needs more people to care, and to act
18 Roger Riddington ‘I was within three weeks of starting work with Arthur Andersen in Cambridge when funding came through for me to do a PhD on the back of my degree‘.



Well done Stuart! I know you are a good man to have around for a quiz as you scored most of the RSPB’s points when we entered University Challenge the Professionals many years ago.





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2 Replies to “Behind the Binoculars – a winner”

  1. Stuey! I'm certain his will to win the book was entirely driven by his determination not to actually pay for it. Well done!


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