Today Inglorious is published


Big day for me – just a normal day for everyone else.

There was a very nice review of Inglorious in The Independent by friend of mine, and friend of nature, Michael McCarthy (click here). ‘The logic is impeccable

There was a less favourable account of Inglorious in The Times by no friend of mine, but friend of grouse shooting, Magnus Linklater (click here – but most of it is behind a paywall).  Although, I do wonder whether Linklater actually read the book – his objections to the case against driven grouse shooting seem to take little account of what the book actually says.

Maybe you should take a look and make up your own mind – that’s fine by me.




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  1. congratulations! Well done, it’s great that someone is putting the case in a book

  2. Great news, I definitely want my copy (signed if possible, Mark) which I am sure I will be able to buy either at Hen Harrier Day or the Bird Fair. I will be working on a few colleagues of mine, some of whom I am sure will also like a copy.
    Duly submitted my comments in on the South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Strategy for 2016-2020. The need and opportunities for conserving wildlife in the UK Overseas Territories seem to me to offer the best return for the “buck” just now and more should be done in that direction.

  3. Sadly too many people write reviews without reading the book in question. Have you sent all the post cards yet!!

  4. Hoping mine arrives today along with Martha. Really looking forward to reading it and gaining more knowledge to help fight for out uplands and its wildlife.

  5. Congratulations, and it’s definitely on my to read list. It’s was me that tipped George Monbiot off about Magnus Linklater’s carefully concealed shooting interests. Linklater claims to have spent to have spent a year researching his 2012 Observer article “Why the Claws are out for the RSPB”. However, this doesn’t explain why he wrote this amazingly similar and similar titled tirade, 7 years earlier. In other words, he’s like an old vinyl record with the needle stuck on one track, playing the same old story in a repetitive loop.

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