Henry visits the CLA

Thurs 30 July(a) Copy

Belgrave Square has rarely, if ever, seen a six-foot Hen Harrier before, but last week we visited the London HQ of the Country Land and Business Association.

Henry said that it all looked very posh – much posher than the Scottish Land and Estates little office block. Henry gave his plumage a special preen to make sure he looked extra-smart for this visit. I told him he was the smartest-looking Hen Harrier ever to grace Belgrave Square and that seemed to make him happy – though he is rather expressionless.

When Philip Merricks leapt, for he is very agile, out of a taxi Henry looked astonished, and then slightly nervous – although you would have to know him very well to detect these slight changes of demeanour on his rather impassive owl-like facial disc.

We didn’t have a long chat about brood-meddling or whether the Hawk and Owl Trust were going to support Hen Harrier Day this year (although they have now joined the thunderclap – good for them!) – there was only time for the briefest of photos. Many thanks to Philip for being a good sport!

I’ll be seeing Philip again tomorrow at a ‘debate’ at the CLA Game Fair, also starring Owen Paterson and Ian Coghill. I wish Henry were coming with me. Maybe he will…

Thurs 30 July(b) Copy


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