Off to the Game Fair

This afternoon at 2pm I am the token leftie on a panel at the CLA Game Fair – it’s very nice of them to invite me.  In theory, we are discussing whether landowners are friends or foes of wildlife. I suspect we might get on to grouse shooting at some stage.

I wish Henry were going to be with me…

Ban driven grouse shooting – please sign up here.  More than 7000 people have already! Last year it took over 10 weeks to get to 7000, this year it took nine days.  Ban driven grouse shooting – please sign up here.


3 Replies to “Off to the Game Fair”

  1. Good luck Mark, it should be an interesting experience and a small medal to you for bravery. I should wear your flak jacket under your coat. Would be interested in the feed back.

  2. Obviously, you will get some negativity! You are campaigning for a ban on driven grouse shooting!!!!!
    I understand your frustrations re HH but a ban will is not going to happen and to be quite honest, it’s just a publicity stunt on your behalf???
    You will get some publicity for your blog and books but that’s it.
    What you will ( and are) achieve is a widening gap between conservation and shooting,
    Which I feel will fatten your wallet but not have any environmental benefits.
    You will no doubt have an online spat with some of your loonies counterparts on the shooting side and trade In some name calling. I suspect you’ll call them “barbaric” and they”ll call you a ” lentil knitter.
    If only you had called the guy in the grey bird suit , Cecil

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