Join the Hen Harrier Day thunderclap – update 5


A week today, at 10am, a simply message will be sent out around 4 million times through Twitter, Facebook and tumblr.

We’re missing our Hen Harriers – and we want them back!

This message is almost completely uncontroversial which is no doubt why it has gathered such widespread support from organisations and individuals  involved in the countryside and nature conservation (see below for a selective list).

It is uncontroversial but it still needs saying. Most people have never heard of a Hen Harrier and most people don’t know about their illegal persecution in the uplands of the UK. Please help spread the word.

This week some notable names have been added to the list of supporters. The Green Party has become the first, and at present only, political party to support the call for a better future for Hen Harriers.  Thank you to them but where are the Labour Party, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats (other political parties are available).

Protect all Wildlife is a mighty thunderous Twitter account to join the cause – thank you.

Ecotricity, from whom I get my gas and electricity, became the first utility to add their name to this call. Where are Yorkshire Water, United Utilities, British Gas, EDF, National Grid and others?

Edwyn Collins – you are very welcome too – and so would be ‘A Girl Like You’!

The Wildlife Trusts national Twitter account joined the thunderclap – as we knew they would.  Thank you!  Could you mention this to a few more county trusts too please and promote the thunderclap to your members this week? That would be great.

The University of Dundee Centre for Environmental Change and Human Resilience – thank you!

Michaela Strachan has added her voice to the call – thank you Michaela!

BirdLife International has added its voice too – thank you!

And, of course, the Hawk and Owl Trust have joined up too.


On the other hand, here are some organisations who are becoming more conspicuous by their absence.  They probably just need reminding:


@nationaltrust 341k followers

@UKLabour 241k followers

@conservatives 174k followers

@LibDems 105k followers

@defragovuk 82k followers

@NaturalEngland 75k followers

@yorkshire_dales 35k followers

@trussliz 19k followers

@peakdistrict 19k followers

@caupdates 17k followers

@RSPBScotland 12k followers

@BASCnews  12k followers

@northyorkmoors 11k followers

@SNH_tweets 9k followers



Thank you to the following for their support (just a selection):

Watson Crick 816k followers

@irinagreenvoice 225k followers

@themoceanvibe 206k followers

@natures_voice 164k followers

@TheGreenParty 151k followers

@Protect_wildlife 141k followers

@chrisgpackham 131k followers

@natalieben 92k followers

@wildlifetrusts 65k followers

@CECHR_UoD 44k followers

@_BTO 43k followers

@michaelastracha 43k followers

@Birdlife_news 40k followers

@MMNNActionUK 39k followers

@Animal_Watch 38k followers

@EdwynCollins 37k followers

@LeagueACS 34k followers

@savebutterflies 31k followers

@team_BMC 26k followers

@Birdguides 25k followers

@RareBirdAlertUK 24k followers

@ecotricity 22k followers

@markavery 21k followers

@Hawkandowluk 16k followers

@Birdwatchextra 12k followers

@B_Strawbridge 12k followers

@NorthumberlndNP 9k followers

@gameandwildlife  7k followers

@raptorpersscot 4k followers

@birdersagainst 3k – already signed – it’s their thunderclap – please make it yours too!

And we would be really pleased if you would join too – however many or few voices you bring to the cause, all are welcome and thank you to all who are already committed. One week to go to make this a truly phenomenal thunderclap (but hoping for good weather on Hen Harrier Day itself!).  Add your voice here please.


And it is possible to join the thunderclap through Facebook and tumblr too.

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  1. It is hard to believe that the people persecuting these beautiful birds don't realise that they are depriving their children and grandchildren. Selfish


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