LUSH bath-bomb the criminals


This Hen Harrier bath bomb goes on sale today in Lush stores around the country – what fun.

Named Skydancer – far from the madding guns, this liquorice-scented bath bomb will ‘disappear’ in your bath but fill it with a lovely aroma.  Just add water (not gamekeeper).  Remember that five male Hen Harriers disappeared from active nests this spring – we can be sure they didn’t dissolve and there’s a very nasty smell to their disappearance.

Money from the sale of these bath bombs will pay for satellite tags to go on Hen Harrier chicks.  This is great news. The more chicks are tagged, the more scared will be the criminals on grouse moors – but also the more we will learn about where Hen Harriers are being killed.  Satellie tags act as a deterrent but also as an aid to enforcement.

You can read a bit about the importance of satellite-tagging in the fight to save the Hen Harrier on pages 17, 128, 232, 246 and 253 of Inglorious.

Remember Lush got their customers to send postcards to the Queen last year (see here, here and here (and Inglorious pages 215-16 and 229-30)? They are great supporters of the Hen Harrier and wildlife in general.


Ban driven grouse shooting – please sign here.



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4 Replies to “LUSH bath-bomb the criminals”

  1. LUSH is wondrous and the combination of Hen Harrier and Lush is fabulous. I also just love it when this blog dips its toes into girlie waters.

  2. I wonder if there was ever any official response to all those postcards that were delivered to Buckingham Palace? Maybe there was and I missed it.


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