Hen Harrier Day 2015 (1)

I was in the Goyt Valley on Sunday morning with, I guess, 4-500 other folk. Did anyone count? There were certainly fewer than last year in the Derwent Valley – but it’s still a big crowd. And everyone was very welcome.

This was us…

Photo: Guy Shorrock




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7 Replies to “Hen Harrier Day 2015 (1)”

  1. So being reasonably conservative re numbers in the Goyt and assuming two thirds of people at Hen Harrier Eve went to the Goyt and so can only be counted once ( again surely on the side of caution) that's 1000 people. Add in some from the other rally locations and everyone who heard about hen harriers for the first time from the activities in Pavilion Gardens, Buxton and you are up to 1250? ... More?

    But way more important than absolute numbers is the energy, the momentum, the spread, and how far we've come, so fast, is the fact that everyone seems to be looking ahead. Like this is just the beginning.

  2. Mark I told you at the start of your campaign to ban driven grouse you would become a marked man, but gaining notoriety by having a child paint your face was not what I would have expected.

  3. All morning I have been trying to figure out the meaning of the words T.W.A.T Bert Burnett the SGA committee member painted on your forehead, I finally realised it could only mean 'Together We All Triumph'.

    1. Nice one Terry! For those wondering what Terry's comments refer to please go to the excellent Raptor Persecution Scotland Website and read their blog on the reaction of Mr Burnett in response to an article in the Daily Record quoting Mark.

  4. Bert and the SGA are an irrelevance. We just need to keep exposing the truth. The SGA press release is laughable and I expect better writers than I to expose it for what it is, in the newspapers' letters columns.

  5. The Saltholme event was covered on the evening 'Look North' news programme so some very useful coverage there.
    I was not able to attend any of the HH Day events; well done to all those who did.


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