Hen Harrier Day 2015 (2)


Chris Packham was an absolute star on Hen Harrier Eve and at the rally in the Goyt Valley.

This is a man who cares passionately about wildlife and is using his public position to promote a better deal for wildlife. He is an inspiring man.

I don’t agree with Chris about everything (which means that he also doesn’t agree with me about everything) but the overlap is very large. He doesn’t have to do this stuff – but he does because he cares.

He also has to put up with a huge amount of harassment on social media and even calls to the BBC to sack him from his roles on Springwatch etc.

He’s a great speaker – watch this video and you’ll see.

Thank you Chris!



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3 Replies to “Hen Harrier Day 2015 (2)”

  1. Chris is a smart and cool guy who does a huge amount for wildlife. I admire him and I enjoy his TV programmes. Plus my mum has a crush on him!

  2. I don't always enjoy it when the Springwatch team tries too hard to do a comedy routine but, overall, I think it is a fine programme and Chris (along with Iolo Williams) is the best thing on it, thanks to his breadth and depth of knowledge which he communicates very effectively, ensuring watchers are given a real insight into the biology of the species shown.
    That Chris holds strong opinions on nature conservation is entirely to his credit and only adds to his strengths as a presenter. Any suggestions that this in some way goes against the BBC's Charter and the need for 'balance' are ludicrous - no-one expected Clarkson to present a case for public transport and we should no more expect Chris to be anything other than an outspoken advocate for wildlife. This is especially true with respect to illegal persecution of raptors and other species - expecting him to represent 'both sides' of the story would be like expecting the BBC to present the paedophiles' point of view in the Rotherham scandal!

  3. What's not to like? A brilliant advocate for wildlife, fellow native of Southampton and supporter of the mighty Saints. As a fellow former student of Taunton's School (College) I know that he has tough competition from the likes of Martin Chivers and Benny Hill (just don't mention John Stonehouse) as that institution's most distinguished old boy, but wins hands down in my view.


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