Is it moving?

m8ALFD4rG4jR50EoMj_a--6ZDFGIz0oYz3X9zg3FAJoAndy Richardson’s e-petition asking the BBC to sack Chris Packham may have died. It certainly is difficult to discern signs of life. It’s stuck on c2,500 signatures, just as it was yesterday and the day before.

Whereas, whoever posted the e-petition asking the BBC not to sack Chris must be pleased that it is into its stride and stands (no! runs!) at over 70,000 signatures (having started a day later than Richardson’s moribund beast).

If you are one of the 70,000, then please consider signing this e-petition to ask the Westminster government to ban driven grouse shooting. It has already been signed by over 16,000 people, including Chris himself, but that’s a lot less than 70,000.

Annoy the Countryside Alliance – sign the e-petition to ban driven grouse shooting.

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1 Reply to “Is it moving?”

  1. Andy Richardson’s nailed his true colours firmly to the mast, he's proved without doubt in his many posts on Facebook over the last couple of weeks that he's only interested in one thing where the countryside is concerned, shooting wildlife. He also makes it more than obvious that any predator that interferes with his shooting in any way will be made, shall we say, less than welcome. You can read that last bit anyway you like, but you know what I mean !!!

    The fact that he only received 2500 votes for his petition shows that he doesn't have much of a backing from the general public, it looks as though he struggled to knock together enough of his shooting cronies to make the effort to vote. On the other hand, 70,000 plus votes for Chris Packham puts into perspective just what the public think of wildlife murderers that try to get one over on their favourite pro wildlife activist.


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