18,000 signatures

I was chatting to Bill Wiggin MP at the WCL meeting in the House of Commons yesterday when our e-petition to ban driven grouse shooting passed 18,000 signatures.

Indeed, I think we were talking, in a friendly way, about how Mr Wiggin’s constituents were flocking to the cause of banning driven grouse shooting. Or maybe we were just talking about one of his constituents, whom I know well, who keeps putting Bill on the spot on this subject.

Bill’s, parting riposte, said in good humour and with a smile on his face, was that I should find something more useful to do. My reply, with an even broader smile (I hope) was that he should do the same.

And then I checked my phone and the e-petition was on 18,003 signatures. The next person to talk to me was an official from Defra with whom I shared the good news that the people were speaking and telling Defra what they should do – ban driven grouse shooting.

And, already, the e-petition is much closer to 19,000 than 18,000.


3 Replies to “18,000 signatures”

  1. So far I have managed to get over 70 people to sign, I’m aiming for 100. What astonishes me though is how few people know of the issues. When they are explained they are only too ready to sign, as well as keen to get partners and family to sign up as well. Many of these people are volunteers with Avon Wildlife Trust but have not been motivated. A lot more publicity is needed, obviously Chris Packham has had a wonderful effect this week.

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