Not Idle at all

I spoke at the Idle Valley Nature Reserve on Friday – I wasn’t idle at all.

It was fun for me – I hope the audience enjoyed it too.  It seemed that they did.

Arriving early I was shown around parts of this massive nature reserve which is based on former mineral workings and has a very large and attractive visitor centre. We saw a few birds – one always does! The sight of four Whooper Swans flying along the valley with just a tinge of pink on them as the sunset washed everything in its light was a memorable sight.

Here and there the Wildlife Trusts seem to be leading the way with having thought provoking talks at their visitor centres and I was following George  Monbiot in this series.  Keep an eye on the speakers at this centre if you live in the area.

Because this was the Christmas talk I did a little bit on New Year’s resolutions which might well find this way onto this blog in a couple of weeks’ time, but one of the 10 resolutions was about driven grouse shooting. In case you’ve missed it, I’m not keen on the idea.

Thank you to everyone from the Notts Wildlife Trust for making me feel very welcome and yes, I might well pop in and have a look at this site again the next time I’m passing.


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