That was another milestone

22,399 was the total of signatures we achieved last year on an e-petition to ban driven grouse shooting – I thought that was pretty good in the ten months that were allowed for it. That was over 2000 signatures a month – c75 a day – not bad at all, I thought.

Today, our similar e-petition rushed past 32, 399 at a canter.  Thank you to everyone who has signed, shared, liked, tweeted etc  It’s a great team effort – though it’s a pity that the RSPB and Wildlife Trusts aren’t playing a blinder on this one.

But we have achieved more than 5000 signatures a month this time around – c180 a day – that’s even better!

And if I were a betting man, and I am, and a bookmaker, which I’m not, I would price up the surviving runners in the ‘Guess how many signatures the e-petition will achieve by midnight on Thursday’ chase, as follows:

Barry O’Dowd 32500     1000/1
Paul Fisher 32796             100/1
Colin McP 33133                    5/2
Tony McDougal 33473          4/11
Mark Fitzpatrick 38510       33/1
Paul Fielden 45000            250/1

Please sign the e-petition to ban driven grouse shooting – send a message to those playing against us or not on the pitch or going through the motions.



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  1. kevin moore says:

    Well done Mark, Its a real shame that the RSPB and wildlife trusts never joined in to push your petition, makes me wonder how committed to the future of the Hen Harrier they really are.

  2. Nimby says:

    Committed or [In]action they get their names in the press, any publicity etc.? They get seats at 'table' where they pick up the crumbs the establishment &c. reckon sufficient to keep 'em in line?

    Members might review their membership(s) of them perhaps?

    Hats off to Mark, Chris, Iolo, BAWC et. al. for speaking out .... let's keep the momentum going, the floods are keeping upland management high profile but it needs holistic not piecemeal approach and conservation champions (aforementioned and others) to keep up the pressure ....

  3. Richard Ebbs says:

    Indeed, very well done Mark, a great result! It seems to me that the final push has been particularly stimulated by Natalie Bennett's support from the Green Party. A huge amount of discussion on the Facebook pages with the shooting lobby really fouling up their own arguments that even those sitting on the fence would quickly sign your petition.
    I have just been rereading your book Blogging for Nature to see what emphasis you placed on HH persecution when you were still working for the RSPB. Too long perhaps to examine it in depth here but it's fascinating to follow the evolution of a campaign!

    As you know I am an ardent supporter of the HH campaign (an original member of the Sodden 570!) but I am also a great supporter of the RSPB and all the work they do across a huge spectrum of conservation.

    I look forward to the next petition!

  4. Peter Rafferty says:

    Definitely not a bookmaker, Mark. You're betting over-broke there 🙂 More power to your elbow all the same.

  5. Andy Holden says:

    I've tried my best to 'infiltrate' the RSPB's facebook pages; adding links from your blogs, plus the link to the petition. Good luck.

  6. Nimby says:

    What are the odds on the RSPB & WTs riding in on their white chargers at the eleventh hour, fifty-ninth minute?

    • Big fat zero I'd say. Both have pledged support for the banning of lead shot petition but haven't really pushed membership for signatures. My guess would be that they have one eye on membership numbers, donations, stewardship schemes & funding applications. A real shame, two organisations that could get us to 100,000 but choose to be more worried about relationships with land owners. It's here where I huff a big sigh and say maybe on the next one.

      Having said all that, what a brilliant effort from all concerned to get to this point.
      Well done to all, particularly you Mark for rallying the troops again.

  7. Eleri Norris says:

    Shame on the RSPB, considered cancelling my membership but not sure what good that would do.
    Have done everything i can think of to get people to sign (and they have).
    Have you put the petition out on I couldn't see it there and don't know if you can continue an existing petition or whether it has to be a new one. Just a thought.


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