Hunting Solutions – the abuse continues


You may remember that the tweet above by @huntingsolution and its retweet by Nicholas Soames MP caused quite a storm last week.

Hunting Solutions are still at it too – posting a variety of nasty tweets about me over the last few days. And you can see Hunting Solutions have some other shooting chums.





So, there you are. It’s always informative to hear what people who have never met you think of you.

What is a Communist Loon – was it split from Pacific Loon?

This isn’t the first time, and I guess it won’t be the last, that individuals from the shooting community have made this sort of personal attack and I don’t get it from anywhere else. So that says a lot.

We are definitely in the ‘…then they fight you and then you win‘ stage. Bring it on!

But imagine how much more of this type of tripe Chris Packham gets.


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  1. I believe his name is John Connor.
    I’m ashamed to say he seems to be from Lancashire. But please don’t anybody return insults to him – it only lowers the debate to his (and Mr Soames – can’t call him Honourable) level – which is pretty low. People sometimes resort to abuse when they are losing the argument, because they have a vested interest to support. I suppose its his livelihood, poor man.
    And Mr Thomas, ex-Police Wildlife Officer – well, we all know which side his bread was buttered on!

      1. The Loon:
        Every part and proportion of this bird is so incomparably adapted to its mode of life, that in no instance do we see the wisdom of God in the Creation to more advantage.
        Gilbert White’s Journal, 4th Jan. 1789.

    1. Just had a look at Connor’s facebook page.
      They say ignorance is bliss.
      Connor must be a very happy man.

    2. Not sure what appalls me more the right wing fool Soames or the ignorant oaf Thomas, always untrustworthy as a wildlife cop, who failed to hide even then his true colours and now they are obvious for all to see BASC should sack or muzzle him if they are to have any credibility! Their failure to use reasonable argument says it all.

  2. Clearly an account designed to provoke a reaction Mark, just block it and move on. I think it’s fine for people to have a different opinion to you and to raise it on social media but the more you highlight this user the more exposure their company gets.

    1. I don’t see it that way.
      He is showing himself to be a bigot of the highest order by his very own words.
      A sensible man when losing shuts up but these people’s last resort is ad hominem attacks.
      What more could you ask for other than spread it?

  3. Hi Mark. I rang HuntingSolutions last week. I asked them if they stocked decoy Hen Harriers etc alongside their decoy Woodpidgeons. The guy trotted out a line about birds of prey being an important part of nature and how it was illegal to kill them. He then started to say that my call was “most outrageous”….I then asked him if he thought that labelling someone with mental health issues as a “nut-jub” was also outrageous. At that point he told me he was going to report me to the police… I said that that was fine as I hadn’t even raised my voice let alone swore at or slandered him….. Just in case anyone else on here would like a “Woodpidgeon decoy”… then don’t hesitate to call HuntingSolutions on 01925599045…… or [email protected]

  4. I guess it is actually quite encouraging to see how little evidence/knowledge they present. Abuse is not really an argument but we can leave them to it as we carry on bringing these issues to the public’s conscience.

    1. Brilliant! Their ‘hunting solution’ is a nurse? Psychiatric?
      But seriously, credit to Mark for grinning in the face of these feeble but mean gobs. The total lack of any argument is telling.
      A ‘loon’ is also half a pair of trous (pronounced ‘trooz’ for southerners). I suppose communist trousers swing to the left.

  5. They have no credible argument and it is becoming increasingly obvious, even to those not necessarily following the argument.
    What is not acceptable is stopping so low as to make personal attacks on people, although we are dealing with humans devoid of any compassion here.
    I think this means we’re winning, they’re on the attack with no solid argument. Keep going and ignore the ignorant insults – it makes those throwing them laughable. Poor little people, worried that they’re not going to be able to kill for fun. Diddums.

    1. Hi Rose,

      You made two attacks on people whilst saying how wrong it is to attack people. Not clever.

  6. I too contacted them and was struck by how they seemed utterly incapable of understanding why their comment was beyond the pale. Their evident hatred of CP appeared to blank out any consideration of the wider issues of using the term ‘nutjob’. I did consider asking them to explain their claim that you were “truth avoider”, Mark, and how this differs from the grouse industry’s avoidance of the many truths both here and in ‘Inglorious’. I decided against it as I’ve never enjoyed banging my head against a brick wall.

  7. Comrade Avery, despite increasing unease within the party, I still wish to view you as a good communist. Therefore I must plead with you to comply with our agreed manifesto. Revolutionary vanguard raising class consciousness, seizing the means of production etc. does that ring a bell perhaps? I’m pretty sure comrade Marx had little to say about raptor persecution (setting aside, of course, his brilliant dismissal of Feuerbach’s defence of the use of carbofuran in The German Ideology) though I admit, having not read his entire published correspondence, perhaps comrade Engels did write a strongly worded letter or two on the subject of muir burning intensification to the party faithful of Bohemia. No matter. It has also been brought to my attention that you have been accused, by the most impeccable of witnesses, of that most degenerate and bourgeois of crimes, namely narcissism? The Party Secretariat would like to make it abundantly clear that this isn’t about you, or dear comrade Packham for that matter, it’s about the masses; 37659 of them at the last count.

    Yours, with concern, Secretary Clarkin.

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    1. I imagine the Communist Loon lives in the Siberian taiga.
      A pleasant thought.

  9. Clearly believes he walks on water, offensive and dis-honourable comments about Asperger’s requires an apology so where is it Mr Soames?

    The others, we would do well to ignore after all perhaps it’s all that toxic lead that has clearly impacted on their health and wellbeing?

    Clearly they [HS and associated supporters] have adopted this stance as a marketing strategy, all the attention can only be helping the profile of this fledgling plc with just a a single Director (see interesting Cert. of Incorporation) so let’s focus on the expose of erroneous effluent they generate, truth will out?

  10. I wouldnt go round to there official address at Axminster…… there are 12 different companies working out of the same Loft at Unit 11 on the Hunthay Estate…. so it looks like its just a post box. I guess if you want to complain to a director you will need to write to Sarah, in Liverpool.

  11. They know the truth is unravelling for all to see. They’ve managed to hide their dark practices for decades ( just like Saville ).They know they can’t win with reasoned argument, they have run out of deceits, so they resort to personal insult. They can’t stand the pressure and have started to squirm. Of dear, very sad, never mind.

    1. Reading the comments regarding their retail practices, perhaps they should be encouraged to continue. They do seem to be taking a lot of money off hunters and not delivering the goods.

  12. Yes this is all pretty pathetic. These characters are rather shocking in their insults, ignorance and laughable self delusion about themselves being the ‘real conservationists’. I’ve never heard D Attenborough refer to himself as a great naturalist or conservationist, but hunt, fish, shoot and it immediately qualifies you as such it seems. Talk about swallowing your own bullshite! I notice the charming Duncan Thomas has been having his say, isn’t his story worthy of a documentary? Even as a one off of a former Wildlife Crime Officer with strong links to field sports it would be worth telling, but it’s not. It seems that officers who like a spot of shooting are often very keen to put themselves forward as WCOs. I feel so sorry for the genuine ones. Hopefully this practice is waning, but rather strong coincidence the amount of Raptor Persecution in some areas with lack of investigation and convictions. The recent tirades amount to the pus in a boil about to burst. Well done Mark.

  13. I wonder of Hunting Solutions comes from the same camp as the consultancy ‘Ecology Solutions’ which advertises itself as the place to go to solve your development problems with regard to protected species and sites.

    1. There is nothing at companies house to suggest a link…..but I think there already enough damaging information on the Internet to expose these arrogant and ignorant people for what they are. Hopefully now that they have been outed they will learn to moderate their behavior.

  14. I know we shouldn’t rise to this and they are loosing the argument but it still makes my blood boil , does anybody less hot headed than myself have any sensible suggestions as too how we can harness 37659 voices to reply to this ignorance and arrogance?
    Well done Mark don’t the bastards get you down.

  15. Just to wrap up an issue raised earlier; ‘RSPCA confirms position unchanged on hunting and badger culling’. So what was that all about? Either a U-turn under pressure, or words of the new CEO were ‘taken out of context’ in the first place.

    The hunt monitors who set up this petition didn’t seem to be in any doubt what Jeremy Cooper’s initial position was;

    If it is the result of ‘another campaign of misinformation from hunt lobby’ as it has been called (e.g. ), it appears not to have been particularly successful; Jeremy Cooper was immediately reminded of his responsibilities in no uncertain terms, he quickly clarified his stance, the organization’s stance remains unchanged, and his position is no longer challenged (the petition to sack him has been closed down). Or was the aim to cause some minor abrasion to the public’s confidence in the RSPCA’s competence, and a bit of acrimony in the anti-camp? That seems rather weak.

  16. I wouldn’t want to call Chris Packham a ‘nutjob’ however his views on hunters and mental health are in my opinion utterly nuts.

    Chris Packham’s clearly states his position is that hunters are psychopaths – however he also thinks they should be let loose in the countryside with guns.

    Surely this viewpoint is quite clearly insane. Anybody with a rational take on gun control would think that being a psychopath would preclude legal gun ownership and use.

    Moreover he recently tweeted about what a great bloke the late and keen fox hunter Jimmy Hill was. Surely if hunters are psychopaths then so was Jimmy Hill.

  17. Giles: Chris Packham is not God and is not infallible. Neither is he a nut job. I don’t agree with him regarding the hunting of mink (they should be live trapped and humanely destroyed – as was done to eradicate coypu, which were much less destructive than mink).

    Deer are an ongoing problem: their numbers are out of control and they are destroying our woodlands. What the answer is, I doubt anybody knows, but letting the hunting lobby loose is almost certainly not the answer.

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