Technically OK?

A quick question about the performance of this blog (it’s not about whether you like it or not).

Does the blog load quickly or not?

Have you noticed any change in speed over recent months or not?

I’m being offered all sorts of different hosting options and I’d like some feedback before i make any decisions please.

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40 Replies to “Technically OK?”

  1. Works fine for me at present on the laptop. Sometimes the "like/dislike" buttons take a while to react and very occasionally they refuse to work altogether.
    On my mobile phone everything is always fine.
    I use "Chrome" on the laptop while the phone uses Safari"

  2. I'm a techno dork but the site always loads quickly and have never had any issues.
    If it ain't broke........

  3. I have noticed a definite slowing down recently, especially if one clicks the "blog" button on the top menu. It seems as if there is lots to load and it takes a while.

  4. Loads fine for me and always has. Haven't noticed any difference over the last few months.

  5. Dear Mark

    Your blog has been loading more slowly over the last weeks and it is particularly slow today (10 seconds or so; other websites load almost immediately). I work on a Macbook.

    Great blog, by the way, which I read daily (even if I have to wait!).

    David Parker

    1. Exactly the same for me. Been OK until recently and now very, very slow to load. All other sites seem OK. I work on a Macbook also.

  6. Haven't noticed any difference in terms of performance. For me, it simply depends on which type of device I'm viewing it. Comes in after 4-5 seconds on my iPad, takes more time on my Windows 10 laptop but that's more a memory problem peculiar to my laptop.

  7. No different from anything else....except the SGA site takes a while to load because of my logic filters....but that's just an anecdote...

  8. A recent problem on my android phone was a failure to load from the link and I had to access through Facebook! Suddenly resolved. My problem is the like/dislike buttons are too close together for my ageing fingers and I sometimes hit the wrong one!

  9. Hi Mark,

    I'm not a techno dork but the site always loads quickly and have never had any issues.
    If it ain't broke.......

  10. Sometimes it is slow, and it has timed out a couple of times or puked up an error message instead of loading the page. I even got a 404 error a while ago. I just assumed you were being DDoS'd by the pro-shooting groups. Having said that, 9 times out of 10 it is okay though.

  11. An innovation I'd really appreciate is a live link in the comments rather than having to cut and paste each time.

  12. It works fine on my iPad and I have not noticed any change in speed. I agree with the comment about the like/dislike buttons being slow but otherwise no problems. Love the blog- and the comments!

  13. Works absolutely fine as far as I can tell. Mainly access from an iPad if that's relevant. Haven't noticed any recent change - if anything, quicker?

  14. Loading a bit slower, like/dislike slow.

    Rural broadband here is simply a joke (except that is the vast amounts of public money squandered on BT broken promises). Which minister suggested after failure to roll out that not all rural residents want broadband, that just shows they are really out of touch!

    Topic drift, sorry but as someone already commented of your blog .... worth the wait!

  15. Mark,

    I agree with others of a MacBook Pro persuasion - it takes a bit longer to load and it's the same on iPad. But the content is always worth reading when you get there!



  16. It's always loaded quickly without any error messages when using home computer etc. On the phone like wise only phone signal issues rather than website. Never had any issues following links from Facebook/Twitter either...if it ain't broke.

  17. Over the last year or so I haven't noticed any technical problem (or changes) with your blog at all.
    I use a PC/Windows and it has always loaded at a very respectable speed. The only time it has appeared slow is with a dubious internet connection - using a wifi 'dongle' using weak mobile 'phone signal, aka my fault.
    Thanks for a good blog.

  18. Never had any problem. I usually pick up the link via Facebook using Safari on my iPod Touch.

  19. No issues. Win 10, FF with Adblock, Flashblock, Ghostery enabled so all I see is the blog with no ads or Twatface in the side panel.

  20. Loads just as well here as it always has, with a crap internet speed and out-of-date web browser software on ancient computers both PC and Mac!

  21. Loads OK (over internet and mobile) but unable to see comments on various iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) using iOS9 - not sure why that should be though.


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