Donations gratefully accepted


Thank you to all who gave generously in response to yesterday’s request for support to enable us to publicise the e-petition to ban driven grouse shooting.

Every pound helps!  Thank you.

Your donation will be spent to publicise the campaign and e-petition to ban driven grouse shooting in the following ways:

  • design, printing and postage of posters to publicise the campaign.
  • design, printing and postage of cards to be delivered door-to-door or handed out at events.
  • boosting of the Ban Driven Grouse Shooting Facebook page

Thank you for your support.


20 Replies to “Donations gratefully accepted”

    1. Darren – thank you for trying! Try yesterday evening’s blog and I’ll try and fix this one!

      1. Thanks Mark – sorted now. Donation made (wish it could be more). Will keep the link and use again after payday! Cheers

        1. Martyn – many thanks to you and many others for supporting this campaign. I’m moved by your generosity.

  1. The link worked for me and I intend pointing others in its direction, good luck and I hope the donations quickly mount up.

  2. Donation made, but more importantly, I’m willing to donate some time at the Birdfair to hand out some leaflets. No, not at your talk, that’s preaching to the converted, but at the door as the punters come in. Anybody with me?

  3. Donation made – Spurn Migfest is on 9-11 Sept 2016 -could be a good publicity opportunity

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