Mon 20 July CopyMarks and Spencer – your AGM is a week tomorrow.

Please can you tell us all whether you really are planning to sell Red Grouse meat in your stores this autumn or whether we ought to start a boycott of M&S goods now?

M&S claims to have an industry-leading code of practice for game meat but hasn’t revealed it to the public. What is M&S hiding? Please publish your code of practice.

Grouse meat bought in Iceland stores last autumn and tested at an independent laboratory had lead levels that were up to 3500+ times those which would be legal in other meats. Will M&S test its grouse meat for lead levels and if not why not? Would M&S be happy to sell grouse meat with similar lead levels to the public?

Has M&S arranged with suppliers that any Red Grouse supplied should be shot with non-toxic ammunition? If not why not?

Will M&S label their grouse meat (if they sell any) with something like ‘May contain lead levels several thousand times those legal in other meats. Lead is a poison – see the FSA advice especially for small children and pregnant women‘?

Will M&S test any grouse meat for banned chemicals (and here)? If not, why not?

Will M&S reveal the Scottish estate from which it intends to source its Red Grouse? If not, why not? What is there to hide?

I’ve just emailed these questions to M&S press team and will let you know what they say.




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  1. Good luck M&S. Keep selling the grouse and ignore the ‘grousing’ from Avery and the like.

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