Bowland leaflets



Could you possibly deliver these leaflets in and around the Forest of Bowland please?

If so, please contact me at and I will put you in touch with the local team coordinating deliveries.



4 Replies to “Bowland leaflets”

  1. Great opportunity overlooked by not adding a mention within these brochures about the Hen Harrier day being hosted by the North West Raptor Group in the Forest of Bowland on Sunday 7 August. The brochures could have been handed out on the day of this important event, and beforehand around the towns surrounding Bowland like Lancaster, Clitheroe, Skipton and Whalley.

    1. Terry – thanks. Except that many will probably be delivered after that date. They still can be handed out on the day can’t they? The number you asked for will be with you soon.

  2. Yes , very keen to help in Sheffield area + Pennines around A57 SnakePass. Will try to coordinate leafleting with supporters around S10 area… Very best of luck with campaign.

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