What’s not to like?


This is a nice drop of beer and is supporting a good company and a good cause.

And it’s really irritating a bunch of unpleasant shooters too.


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9 Replies to “What’s not to like?”

  1. Soon as I saw the RPUK blog I got straight on line and ordered 24 bottles of Hen Harrier. Everytime I offer one to a friend I shall explain why I bought it.

  2. I have had the pleasure of drinking this beer and can definitely recommend it. If drinking it also lends support to the conservation of the Hen Harrier then the pleasure is doubled.

  3. I’ve just bought some on line – looking forward to drinking to the end of Driven Grouse Shooting.

  4. From a low point of, as I recall, a 2.3* rating on FB (entirely due to 1* reviews by hunting lobbyists) when this story broke, Bowland Brewery’s score has soared to a more deserving 4.4. One star comments now being outnumbered 5 to 1 by 5* commendations from dedicated “circophiles”. In addition, many posters, like me, have bought a case of beer. If he has any sense Andy Richardson will quietly drop his call for a boycott but if not I suspect Bowland Brewery will not be able to keep up with demand!

  5. I phoned them up yesterday and ordered some of their HH beer. The charming office staff were delighted when I told them why I was buying it and thanked me for my support…..
    Hopefully a few other blog readers will follow suit….
    Perhaps we should buy in a few crates for each HH Day and flog ’em off?

  6. judging by the expression on your face Mark I,m guessing the keg is empty too 🙂

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