Writing competition – deadline midnight Saturday

Just a reminder that the deadline for this blog’s writing competition is midnight on Saturday.

I haven’t read any of the entries so far so I cannot even hint at the quality of the 18 entries. I can say that of the four categories, one currently has just a single entry whereas another already has eight – but you’ll have to guess where the competition is fiercest.

There is a prize of a signed copy of my new book, Remarkable Birds, in each category, and you get your winning blog published here, but the real prize is the small amount of glory and large amount of satisfaction that people admire your writing.


Here are the details:

If you would like to win a signed copy of my new book, Remarkable Birds, then write 400-1200 words on one of the four subjects below and maybe you will.

We, myself, Michael McCarthy and Sarah Vernon-Hunt (from Thames and Hudson), will be looking for good writing about nature and its place in our lives.  In any of these categories you could write about wildlife itself or about what we can do to help it or how it should be conserved. It’s up to you really, but if you wander far from the title of the category then we might be less impressed than if you don’t.

These are the four subjects:

  • invertebrates
  • international wildlife
  • wildlife and the arts
  • wildlife and politics

In addition, if you are aged 18 years or younger (on 10 September 2016) then you can write on any nature-related subject you like and stand a chance of winning the ‘youngsters’ prize – that might be one of the four categories above or about anything else you like.

Entries should be sent as WORD (.doc or .docx) attachments to emails sent to mark@markavery.info to arrive by midnight on 10 September 2016.  The entries should stand alone and not require any images or web links. All entries are considered on the basis that the five winning entries will be posted on this blog as winning guest blogs.  Non-winners may be asked whether they would consent to have their blogs published as well.  Entries should not have appeared in substantial form elsewhere on the internet or in print (but it will be quite difficult for us to check!).  Entries are welcome from anywhere in the universe. You can enter as many essays as you like including multiple entries to individual subject categories.

We will be looking for writing that grabs our attention – even if we don’t necessarily agree with what you write.  This is a writing competition – we ‘d like you to impress us with your words.

The decision of the judges will be final.



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  1. Today’s words: bracing
    The tea break appears to be over and, suitably revitalised, we now head into the final innings.

    The day finished on: 120,457
    Today’s signatures: 507 (the best day total since 24th August I believe)

    Saturday 3rd September finished on:119,288 (+211 signatures)
    Sunday 4th September finished on: 119,455 (+227 signatures)
    Monday 5th September finished on: 119,608 (+153 signatures)
    Tuesday 6th September finished on: 119,950 (+342 signatures)

    The week’s signatures so far: 1440 (daily average 288)
    Last week’s total: 985 (daily average 140.7)

    The constituency average is currently: 185

    13 days to go.

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