The gift that keeps on giving

The Gunning Wildlife, Conserving Tadpoles team make a habit of getting things wrong these days – there are three errors in this tweet of theirs.

gwctThat passage purports to be a quote from my work in 2015 – in fact the GWCT have introduced two errors into the passage and it was actually a quote from Fighting for Birds, published in 2012.

I recommend that you read the rest of the passage for enlightenment and then move to Chapter 3 of Inglorious for an even fuller treatment of the Langholm Study.

‘a great threats’?? surely that should be ‘a great threat’? and it was, check p 192 where you will also find managers spelled ‘managers’ and not ‘mangers’ ‘.

It would be kind of the tadpolers to correct the three errors in that slide, especially the two typos they have introduced because, as an author, I’d rather people weren’t misled into thinking that my publisher and I had overlooked those errors.

But three errors in one slide – is that a high or low score for GWCT these days?


4 Replies to “The gift that keeps on giving”

  1. Maybee yoo allso kneed too cheque yoor grammer erros to

    …will also find managers spelled ‘managers’ and not ‘mangers’ ‘.

  2. ‘spelled’

    Was this from the US branch of Gunning Wildlife, Conserving Tadpoles?

    (and yes I’m well aware that I’m on very shaky ground when it comes to grammatical pedantry…;-))

  3. It’s all becoming clear. Andrew Gilruth was born in a grouse moor manger when his virgin mother was guided there by a bright star. Can’t imagine who the 3 wise men would’ve been though.

  4. In the post-education post-truth post-science post-literate post-manners post-grammar post-honesty World pointing out errors omissions and typos gets you labelled as a pedantic signaller of the superiority that flows from a grammar school education and is therefore socially divisive and absolutely frowned upon nay detested by the sort of people who find themselves forced to take to Twatface to express their faux outrage.

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