Last day to voice your views


Today is the last day you can submit evidence to the inquiry into grouse shooting being held by the House of Commons Petitions Committee as a result of our e-petition and ahead of a debate on the subject.  When you do, you’ll get a message like the one above.

I’ve seen many excellent, short and heartfelt pieces of evidence from readers of this blog – and delightfully many from whom I have never heard before. I’ve also commented on and/or seen several substantial pieces of evidence sent by organisations. The mix of the two is very important and so if you are wavering about whether to put in your own thoughts, please, just do it!  Here is the link.

And, of course, if you don’t send in some evidence you are leaving the field open to thers to spread their information without fear of correction.

from the Scottish Gamekeepers' Association website last night
from the Scottish Gamekeepers’ Association website last night


So, we are heading for an ‘important debate’:

Do you run a rural business that would benefit from more wildlife tourism in National Parks?

Has a gamekeeper ever told you to leave land when it is actually open public access?

Have you ever found birds or mammals long-dead in snares or traps?

Do you wish you saw more varied wildlife on the moors near where you live?

Are you worried about greenhouse gas emissions from our uplands?

A Red Squirrel – collateral damage on a grouse moor
Hen Harrier ‘Annie’ – found dead on a grouse moor.
Mountain Hare leveret caught in a fenn trap on a grouse moor
Ring Ousel caught in a fenn trap on a Durham grouse moor

7 Replies to “Last day to voice your views”

  1. Hi Mark – great campaign, superbly managed. We sent a submission in last night in favour of banning driven grouse shooting.

  2. Is this claim linked to the one about 2640 jobs the ‘industry’ provides, and where when scrutinised the average wage for a 40 hour week is £11,041 (or £5.30 an hour)? See Wightman & Tingay (2015)

  3. It’s so important to make it clear that this is DRIVEN grouse shooting that the petition was against. Even the petitions committee are talking about grouse shooting, the news paper article above talks about grouse shooting & it seems the Dark Side have decided to use just ‘grouse shooting’. This means they can group together all facts and figures about both types of shooting to make their case look stronger. Please make it clear in your correspondence, DRIVEN GROUSE SHOOTING!!!!! Don’t let their trickery win.

  4. Quick question from someone who kept meaning to do this, and kept finding other things that I needed to do sooner. Any idea what time submissions close? If I have until midnight I’ll do it this evening. If it needs to be before the end of the working day, then I guess I’ll have to figure something out!

    1. Ezra – I don’t honestly know. Sorry! I would assume it is midnight as otherwise it is very unclear.

  5. Glad you asked that Ezra, I’m also hoping that it is something I can do this evening!

  6. I run a birdguiding Business deep in grouse shooting country in the Scottish Highlands. I bring tourists to the area every week of the year, not just shooting season. My business would definately benefit witha bigger diversity of birdlife on the moors. Driven Grouse Shooting is a deplorable pursuit and should be asigned to history the way whale hunting was.

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