What’s up at HOT?

hotoNo news that I can spot on the Hawk and Owl Trust website following their AGM 10 days ago. Slightly odd?

Have there been new trustees elected?Was the Chair re-elected? Or what? Is it a secret?

The H&OT say in part of their website that they are supporting two elements of the government’s hopeless Hen Harrier Plan (here) but elsewhere on their website, of course, their Chair is banging on about a completely different element of the plan.

It doesn’t look very good, does it?



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7 Replies to “What’s up at HOT?”

  1. The shooting of Swampy of the Great Crane Project doesn’t give much hope to hen harriers released in the south even if they were to defy their natural instincts and stay in the lowlands. Come on HOT – time to be tough on bird of prey persecution, tough on the causes of bird of prey persecution.

  2. Any credibility HOT had went down the pan long before their hapless Chair described us as “eco zealots.”

  3. I wasn’t there, but a friend said Phillip Merricks was re-elected. Many members criticised Phillip’s conduct. And three letters were read out from members who could not be at the AGM; all said they felt that Phillip’s public exchanges and antagonistic name calling have damaged HOTs reputation. They also expressed concerns that HOT now exhibits ‘cosiness’ towards the fieldsports community, which has alienated HOT from other conservation NGOs. This was followed with a discussion and HOT said the following areas will be addressed:

    1. Better communication from HOT Trustees to members (e.g. many thought the 6-point Hen Harrier recovery plan had started – HOT board said it hadn’t). Members felt trustees vote on important issues without consulting with them (e.g. brood management).

    2. Prompt & transparent statements from HOT over important issues such as Buzzard licenses – many felt that HOT is not vocal enough (if at all) over issues, such as raptor persecution.

    3. Many members felt that HOT (esp the chairmen) are too sympathetic to shooting sector, and now act as the PR agents for shooting estates. HOT trustees said there will be a clearer separation of matters relevant (e.g. moorland management sympathetic to Hen Harriers) and non-relevant matters (e.g. ban driven grouse shooting campaign) to HOT.

    1. Well MP’s were told in official evidence today that the plan started in January. Somebody is not telling the truth.

  4. I don’t trust the H&OT…Don’t know if I mentioned it before,,there was a summer fayre in Cwmbran S.Wales which had a H&OT stand – as a birder,,I sauntered over for a look at the Owls on display and talk about them with the trust member…
    I needn’t have bothered…to say he was rude was an understatement…trying to make conversation (I knew it was white faced scops owl),,I asked if it was one,,he didn’t reply – so I asked again – his reply was;

    “YES (in a sharp manner) it is”…..followed by “are you going to make a donation??”
    In shock at his rudeness (initially was going to) and noticing the donation bucket,,I though to myself “no chance now matey”…

    I then used my mobile phone to take (or attempt to) of some of the Owls before I could he snapped “the barrier is there for your protection,,stand back!!”
    The wooden barrier was 3 foot high and I leaned forwards – not to sure there are many (if any) captive/tame Owls that have been put people in A&E!!
    Besides that I was still 3 foot to the Owls at arm length!!

    My personal view is that they are a money grabbing organization that has little to do with “real conservation” and they are being exposed now for what they really are…scroungers…

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