London’s a funny place


London’s a funny place – but then, you knew that didn’t you?

Here’s a Robin in a tree in Soho – how lovely to see.  The Christmas decorations in Monmouth Street had plenty of mammals on them, foxes, badgers, hedgehogs and rabbits, but there were some odd birds in the trees with the Robins.

What do you make of these?  I was hoping for a long-staying Siberian Accentor but no…



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3 Replies to “London’s a funny place”

  1. London’s a funny place

    Ah, I see what you've done. You've gone and misspelled "Miserable Hellhole, populated by face eating zombies". Mind you, that is on the good days. You know what counts as urban improvement in Nodnol? A meteor strike. Rumour has it that Satan once claimed it as his capital and dragged it into the depths of Hades, but then he sent it back because even demons couldn't stomach living in it and Londoners were so depraved they were upsetting the fiends.

    Still, could be worse. Could be....uh... I'm sure it could be worse, somehow.

  2. Not everyone has a choice about where they live. I was born in London but would love to live somewhere where I could see wild geese skeins every autumn, breathe clean air and not risk my life crossing roads every day. I am looking for ways out, jobs elsewhere, but no luck just yet. Please spare us your self-righteous anger and be grateful for your own good fortune, or at the very least come up with something constructive that will help improve London for biodiversity and humans without sneering. By all means attack the place itself, and certain of its inhabitants, but it's not right to make generalisations about the millions living in London, rich and poor alike.


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