More bird flu cases in wild birds

Defra is being quite cryptic about the details of new cases of H5N8 but the RSPB has disclosed that cases have been found on its nature reserves at Frampton (Lincs) and Marshside (Merseyside).  There is also a confirmed case in Gloucestershire.

Updated information from Germany here.

Thankfully, so far, there has only been one case affecting a commercial poultry operation in the UK. It would be good to understand this better – are the Defra measures requiring poultry to be kept indoors working really well? is the incidence of bird flu in wild birds on the continent much higher than in the UK?


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  1. ‘Fortunately’ not in comnercial poultry? All the evidence from eg Asia suggest the virus originated in the intensive poultry industry. It’s a disaster that wild birds are being caughr up in this now. It will mean governments won’t pressure industry to clean up its act, and industry in turn will shift the focus onto wild birds. A few years back Korean officials came close to poisoning a wintering Baikal Teal flock which literally contained most of the global population to ‘stop’ bird flu. That may not happen on that scale here, but the poultry industry will be looking to scapegoat wild birds and culls will be called for.

  2. Biosecurity as ever. Badger is the scapegoat for bTB so as Charlie says factory farming will seek to blame something else for spread of bird flu rather than look to the real cause? All comes down to cost and profit margins?

    Incidentally does anyone know when bird flu was first ‘discovered’ and was it in domestic stock / intensive factory practice?

    Instead of blame culture, Defra need to step up …. ok, will not waste breath as their track record speaks for itself perhaps?

  3. would we see any likely halt in mass-release of non-natives for sporting interests? Stop mixing of mass-production game stock with native birds seems a perfect place to start in terms of risk & damage limitation yet I guess we know which of these populations would take any brunt of an outbreak.

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