Are you a wildlife enthusiast?

Are you a wildlife enthusiast? I bet you are!

If so, the Forestry Commission in England would like to hear your views – so you should take the opportunity to give them. Takes about 7 minutes, is not too taxing!

Click here.

Some of the questions are a bit odd but it’s nice to be asked.

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8 Replies to “Are you a wildlife enthusiast?”

  1. Thanks. Yes, there're a bit odd some of those questions.

    It's nice to be asked? Yes, but we own the FC. Don't we?

  2. Where it asked if we traveled to OUR forestry I sadly had to say by car but my local one was sold off which i can see from the house and could walk too. I wonder how many folk on here had to add that bit in the box at the end of the question?

  3. The first question is a little mean! How am I supposed to rank all those categories when they are all interesting!?

  4. I would have liked if they had supplied an "any other information" box, then I could let them know what I think of mountain bikers crashing everywhere through the forests. Elephants would do less damage and be less likely to injure members of the public. Actually a rabid lion would be less a danger to other forest users. Hmph. Apart from that, it was okay. Not keen on them asking my postal code though, good thing I keep old Brenda and Phil's on hand for such purposes.

  5. The part of FC that covers non public forests is currently taking an axe to tree planting regulation, simply to meet meaningless tree planting targets. Personally I would rather they focused on supporting fewer of the right trees in the rights place than more of the wrong trees on existing habitats - particularly with tax payers money. They have just launched a grant scheme for planting non native conifers using the Trojan horse of carbon. You can only get the grant if you plant fast growing trees.
    See this campaign:

  6. Anyone else hear the news of the FC holding concerts/gigs in FC owned forests and guess when all this noise and disturbance is going to happen? June!! Not to much wildlife attempting to breed then!


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