More popular than supporting grouse shooting

Chris Packham’s e-petition for a moratorium on shooting declining waders has more than a month to run and is poised to pass the signature total of the e-petition in favour of grouse shooting (which closed yesterday with 25,322 signatures) any time now.

Please sign here.


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7 Replies to “More popular than supporting grouse shooting”

  1. M Avery
    Not exactly a landslide of positive votes after your ringing endorsement 31 at the last count! Ever feel like you're wasting your time?
    Maybe Mr Packham could learn a thing or two from you, he could get an impartial well known BBC wildlife presenter to back his campaign. Oh hang on..............
    He could get the animal rights extremists involved, but then he's already a big supporter of those, so he probably already has.
    Then again it could be worse, he could actually get a parliamentary debate and then have almost no support whatsoever for it, like that other chap did with the failed petition to get driven grouse shooting banned. That must be mortifying I would imagine.........
    Still he can console himself with the fact, that he got more clicks on an Internet link that your first attempt to get driven grouse shooting banned I suppose, which incidentally so did the protect grouse moors petition, a fact you keep overlooking.
    Better luck next time, as if there's one thing I'm sure he'll learn from you is one attempt is never enough.

      1. Me kidding?? Think we should be calling Mr Packham tweetie pie due to his tweeted retraction of "so called " facts relating to lapwings. Cynical attempt to get more clinks on an Internet link or perhaps he just doesn't know what he's talking about!! You decide.

        1. A Bird - no, perhaps you don't know what you are talking about. A tweet was sent out in error and then corrected.

          1. M Avery. Took a while to send out a correction though didn't it? Strange that, when the error was pointed out almost immediately. Would it be too much to ask that someone trying to get a moratorium put on something would check what it needed to be put on first? So called experts eh! Think they know it all.

          2. A Bird - no the correction was pretty quick and very clear. We all make mistakes - I know I do and I know you do too.


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