Saturday cartoon (recycled) by Ralph Underhill

Previously published in September 2015.


But what might the general election result have looked like without the massive media hostility?


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4 Replies to “Saturday cartoon (recycled) by Ralph Underhill”

  1. What might the result have looked like if many Labour candidates hadn't spent the last 2 years back stabbing & trying to oust a leader with real Labour values?

    Hopefully the career Tory like Labour MP's will now realise that there is another way.

  2. Looks like for the BBC at least it is business as usual. Toynbee on Any Questions, not a Corbyn fan and Sharmi Chakrabarti asked about Labour antisemitism on Question Time. Still at least the beeb is consistent.Looks like the Sun doesn't know if it wants to get rid of Corbyn or get rid of May.

  3. What you the election result have looked like if Sturgeon hadn't alienated so many Scottish people by insisting on a second referendum that no-one wants and the SNP had of held on to all their seats? Who would have thought that the SNP would turn out to be the Tories strongest ally?


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