UK Hen Harrier survey results – what they say (4) – the coalition of chaos

The coalition of chaos on the Hen Harrier – all it lacks is a contribution from the DUP.  Aside from that it has spin, U-turns, failure to answer the question, attempts to blame the victims for the problems, attempts to blame the other party for everything for which you are responsible and a strong whiff of hypocrisy.

Hen Harrier survey results.


Defranothing of substance

Defra is responsible for nature conservation in England


Natural England – nothing at all

I emailed the NE Media team this morning – no response yet. Actually I made the mistake of phoning them first – they are never in.

Added later in the day: after much thought, NE came up with this ‘The hen harrier is a magnificent but endangered bird, and through the Joint Action Plan, we are committed to increasing its numbers across the country‘.


Hawk and Owl Trust – nothing

The Hawk and Owl Trust is ‘dedicated to conserving owls and birds of prey in the wild – and increasing knowledge and understanding of them‘ and ‘is part of a six-point plan initiated by the government to restore the population of English Hen Harriers which are close to extinction‘.


The Moorland Association – Amanda Anderson was quoted in The Times as saying that the Moorland  Association was seeking ‘to secure a better future for hen harriers across [their] former range in England‘.  Keep looking Amanda, keep looking out of the window.


The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust – well they are a complete shambles as pointed out by our mates in Raptor Persecution UK (GWCT responds to hen harrier decline with calls for ‘limited cull’, GWCT back-pedalling on hen harrier cull idea).  You must read this stuff – it’s so funny.


The National Gamekeepers Organisation: ‘RSPB Is Failing the Hen Harrier‘ and ‘the NGO feels the RSPB, by some of its actions, is beginning to fail the hen harrier. It is the moment for common sense and reason to resume. The RSPB needs to work with us and other like-minded organistions (sic) for the mutual good of birds and people.‘.



4 Replies to “UK Hen Harrier survey results – what they say (4) – the coalition of chaos”

  1. National Gamekeepers – deflection didn’t work for Donald Trump and it won’t work for them either….and as for gamekeepers being the best conservationists? don’t make me laugh!

  2. Nothing from DEFRA, NE ( not allowed to speak without permission!!!!) or the MA, hardly surprising they generally have nothing to say that is at all to the point or meaningful.
    GWCT getting even better at plumbing the gutter I see, perhaps it is they who need culling from any meaningful discussions after their dreadful statement. NGO! you couldn’t make it up, likely it is mainly their members doing the illegal killing yet it is somehow RSPBs fault for not supporting the DEFRA non Harrier plan. They should immediately be chucked off PAW and consigned to clinics for the criminally insane, prison or awarded a prize for bullshit, not quite sure which ( perhaps all three). They certainly along with MA/CA deserve no place at PAW any more.

  3. Could anyone have a quiet word with Steve Redpath? I accept that he probably feels that he is working for the common good, and that of the hen harrier. But he is wrong. With any reasonable level of self-awareness, is it not time he saw that he is at very high risk of being seen as financially parti pris and is now for sure acting against the interests of the species?

  4. Imagine ….

    That the coalition of chaos (GW[C]T, MA, GA, CA et. al.) might put up a stand at the Bird Fair 2017. They’d be able to promote their case for a cull or meddling? I imagine I’d not be the only visitor wishing to see their robust science to evidence their assertions?

    Setting aside a few rare species in Natural England, please remind me what useful outcomes the ineffective guardians of the natural environment deliver?

    You remind us that DEFRA are responsible for nature conservation in England, quite so are they culpable for the #stateofnature?

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