Saturday cartoon by Ralph Underhill

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6 Replies to “Saturday cartoon by Ralph Underhill”

  1. Another excellent cartoon. The worryingly serious side is that we can have the greatest 'gold standard regulations', but without policing and enforcement (and the resources to do so), they mean nothing.

  2. A very appropriate 'take' on the EA. Yet another government agency incorporated into DEFRA and no longer fit for purpose.

  3. The Ayrshire Rivers Trust is dealing with this problem in Ayrshire in Scotland too, farmers polluting the salmon and trout burns and rivers in the region are crippling the fish breeding numbers and trying to get them to change is a constant uphill struggle. Farmers as guardians of the countryside? Don't make me laugh.

  4. Well sometimes it just aint right.
    Van and two men would cause many more times the pollution of two cows.


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