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I was contacted by Awemix Watches about their Time to Care scheme.  They wanted to send me a watch to help promote their scheme where 20% of the sale price goes to good causes – which are currently Breast Cancer and Wildlife and Conservation.  The chosen charities change every now and again but are currently Keeping Abreast and the Norfolk Wildlife Trust.

I was a bit suspicious because I couldn’t find anything on the NWT website about this, and I still can’t, but when I contacted NWT they confirmed that they were expecting to be beneficiaries of this idea. Keeping Abreast is rather more gushing about the scheme.

The watch is OK – although the strap is too short to fit on my wrist – but I don’t think I’d pay £20 for it. Or even £16 and give £4 to charity. I might just give £4 to charity and not bother with the watch.

Sorry – I can’t be very enthusiastic.



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4 Replies to “Watch this”

  1. I think I too would rather give the money to charity but then I where a Tissot watch and have done since the late eighties. Up to that point I had worn a Swiss Zenith my maternal grandfather bought in 1928, I had worn it since I was a teenager the sixties ( giving my ancientness away here) but it was stolen in a burglary in the late eighties. It still galls when I think about it!

  2. I think you are being a little harsh chaps. My children would be up for one of those and maybe younger folk is where this product should be targeted?

  3. It seems to me that you miss the point of the thing. It's obviously not simply a way of prompting people to give money to charity. "Give us £20 and £4 will go to charity" would be a dumb concept.

    The point is, rather, "If you are about to spend £20 on a new watch, please buy this one and some of the money will go to a good cause"?

    You may, of course, prove me wrong by giving that money direct to the charities concerned as a result of this prompt. Have you?


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