Government in a mess – not news

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Priti Patel must be for the chop – surely?  And under other circumstances then no-one would find such a senior role in Cabinet for the bright buffoon Boris – surely?  Liam Fox is an embarrassment. David Davis is struggling in his role – but then who wouldn’t? All are Brexiteers by the way. And Michael Fallon has gone – a Eurosceptic Remainer it seems.  Damian Green is under investigation.

The odds on a second 2017 general election have halved over the last week – they are now 40/1 whereas they were 80/1 – they still don’t look like a value bet (there’s hardly time to fix a general election in 2017 and the last December general election was in 1923 (bet you didn’t know that!)) but they are indicative of the mess that TM the PM’s government is in. Considering we had a general election only a few months ago, and we should have the next one in 2022, it is striking that the odds on a general election in 2018 are around 5/2 – those could look like a value bet.

And Labour sits fairly quietly not having to do very much except watch the disarray in government and feel rather glad that they can sit this out for a while.

Disarray in the Conservative Party is always to be welcomed – especially when they are such an unprepossessing bunch – but these are important times of a historic nature and we deserve rather better from our government.  We have a weak government with weak morals and a weak brain – hardly a recipe for success.

And yet, I can’t help but hope that they hold on for a while longer for a couple of reasons. First, Brexit is a Conservative mess and the longer it goes on in the way it has so far, the messier it will be and the more obvious it will be that Brexit is a bad idea realised badly by an untrustworthy bunch of chancers.

But second, I really do have hopes, hopes not certainties, that Michael Gove will do some good as long as he remains at Defra. This also is a gamble but if he gets promoted or if we have a general election then we will be missing out on the possibility and I’d just love to see what happens.



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10 Replies to “Government in a mess – not news”

  1. Boris must go too: his idiotic Zaghari-Ratcliffe comment is one dangerous foreign affairs gaffe too many. He should, at the very least, visit this British subject in her Iranian prison cell and apologise in person. But who will succeed him and tackle what is now an even more difficult job, that of persuading the Iranian authorities to immediately release this completely innocent woman?

    1. There are many worms in the can, it is alleged

    2. I think Boris wants to be fired. He always seems to play the martyr on the sidelines card to his advantage. If he is fired then he can always claim that he was a victim of Remain-Return campaigners and that all the mess that is inevitably going to hit with Brexit he could have avoided, etc and so on. It is what he does best. I don't think Boris should be allowed to be fired. He must either resign off his own back and admit his failures (for once) or see it through and own the mess he makes. Firing him, absolves him.

  2. Patel, Johnson, Fox and Green should all be gone forthwith but then again we of a different persuasion should just let the bloody lot of them implode.

  3. I too will be interested to see how Gove's rhetoric is translated into sensible DEFRA action, if the Tories get that far down the track without all shooting themselves collectively in the foot (preferably on a remote grouse moor). Despite poring over Gove's speech about CAP reform post Brexit looking for the half truths and weasel words, I couldn't find any. It actually looked sensible and very promising. I felt most uneasy. I await the results with interest.

  4. I think you are ignoring that a clear majority voted in favour of Brexit. If you accept that habitat loss is the single most important factor in the loss of wildlife abundance and biodiversity, how can you support freedom of movement?

    Do you seriously think that there should never be any limit on the number of people allowed to come and live in the UK? (as once espoused by Jeremy Corbyn).

    Why else, for example, do we need more chicken boiler houses?


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